Stříbrné vánoční dny Stříbrné vánoční dny
Event venue - LETŇANY


Next edition: Christmas trade fair: 12-15 December 2019, Prague, Czech republic

Thousands of pre-christmas goods buyers and other visitors from many countries around the world will come to Prague again to take part in the largest pre-christmas goods trade fair in Prague (capital of Czech rep.), which will be held on December 12-15, 2029, in the exhibition halls of PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

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List of exhibitors of Christams trade fair 2018 

List of exhibitors 2018. 

Would you like to check, who took a part of Christmas trade fair 2018 such an exhibitor? Here you can find find the list of exhibitors of the last year. The next edition of Christams trade fair will be held on 12-15 December 2019. For more information please do not hesitate to contact the foreign trade manager here

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Crowds of visitors at Christmas trade fair 2018

Thousands of visitors came to Prague to visit Christams trade fair,  the biggest event of it kinds in the Czech republic. Visit our picture gallery...



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We would like to express many thanks to all exhibitors, visitors and partners for great cooperation at the CHRISTMAS TRADE FAIR.

This edition of the trade fair saw an increase of important indicators compared to last year.  In order to make it easier for pre-christmas wares buyers or potential exhibitors to plan their calendar for next year, we are already informing about the new date of the Christmas trade fair 2019.



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Plan of exhibition area

Final Report 2018