Stříbrné vánoční dny Stříbrné vánoční dny
Event venue - LETŇANY

The new concept of Christmas Markets starts right now!

The 10th Jubilee edition of the Christmas markets is officially OPEN!

You can look forward to a new concept, which is more beautiful than ever!

Beautiful decoration, trees up to 7.5 meters tall, garlands above the lanes, lots of programs for children and adults.

Thursday and Friday - BIKES for Christmas - throughout the four days we have a new creative market - We love paper

Occupied halls are 3,4 and 6.Much bigger than last year, more beautiful and more fun

The preparation of the accompanying program of the fair has already begun, the whole family will enjoy it!

The accompanying program of the 10th jubilee annual fair is again focused on helping children and youth.

The project "Helping Children at Christmas" for this year brings together several charity projects - Children's Street on Tour, Let's Give Chance to Children, Help FOD Klokánek, The Show and Skills Project, Project Intergenerational. Their talents will show dozens of young artists with dance, singing, sports and other performances. There will be no known faces - Slávek Boura, Iva Pazderková, MAXÍCI and others.

Again, we are preparing several competitions for children and youth, students of gastronomic and horticultural schools and schools, as well as competitions for exhibitors, where the visitor can become a jury in the form of a poll and gain a valuable prize. We are preparing a competition for gastronomic and horticultural schools The best-laid table, the competition of companies The most beautiful Christmas tree - the inspiration of the creative decoration of Christmas trees, the Favorit Fair - the best exhibit competition, the best carp competition for children of nursery schools.

New Talent Christmas Days - a talent competition for children, groups and handicapped youth in three categories - Singing and caroling, Dramatic rings, Creative movement activities that can be logged in these days.

The children are waiting for the Baby Jesus Mailbox and a workshop where they can make the letter themselves.

For all visitors, many creative workshops are being prepared to produce their own decorations, Christmas decorations and other products. There will also be an exhibition of mechanical kingship nativity scenes.

1/3 of the exhibition space at the CHRISTMAS MARKETS is already sold out

Dear exhibitors and business friends,

31. 5. 2018 is the day when the first exhibition discount of the exhibition area is announced for the 10th CHRISTMAS markets, we already sold 1/3 of the exhibition area. Take advantage of the timely promotion of your business on our website and sign up for participation already.

We create Christmas magic for you. New halls, new spectacular decorations, new accompanying programmes for the whole family. You can already look forward to the Talent competition with the VIP performers: Iva Pazderková, Maxíci, and other guests, moderating by Slávka Boury.

The best selling oriented area in the PVA EXPO PRAHA in Letňany. Jindra Konečná, Manager of the Fair, cordially invites you together with the team

Final Report 2017

Plán výstaviště

ABF, a.s. against the activities of fraudulent companies

ABF, a.s. distances itself from the practices of the International Fairs Directory, Expo Guide, MULPOR Company S.A., FAIR Guide, and Construct Data, which offer the publication of corporate data in the online catalog of trade fairs and exhibitors. Although the offer for the publication of the data in the catalog is presented as free of charge, after completing and submitting the data, the client will receive an invoice for the payment of almost EUR 1200 per year.

Furthermore, ABF, a.s. declares that it has never granted the aforementioned companies permission to use or promote the protected names or trade fairs organized by ABF, a. s. and to address individual exhibitors on behalf of the organizer of the fair.

Looking back at the Christmas fair with the childrens Charity programme

We Help Children at Christmas with Anife Hassan Vyskočilová

The project known as “We Help Children at Christmas” will be organised again with participation of Anife Hassan Vyskočilová.





We are already working on preparation of the project “We Help Children at Christmas”, the accompanying program focused on three charity projects known as - Ulice dětem on Tour (Streets to Children), Dejme šanci dětem (Let’s Give Children a Chance) with moderation by Anife Vyskočilová and Help to FOD Klokánek (Fund of Endangered Children). Dozens of your artists will demonstrate their talent in these projects with dancing, singing as well as sports performances. The signing events of VIP persons or entertainment programmes provided by invited guests will not be missing either.

100 Exhibitors Already Registered for Participation in the STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY Trade Fair

Dear Business Friends,


The 1st closing deadline for the lease of the exhibition area for the pre-Christmas trade fair known as STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY (Silver Christmas Days) at discounted prices was on 31 May 2017. Already 100 exhibitors have registered for participation in this event. The trade fair will bring again its specialised sections that have already become very popular - FASHION ZONE, ČESKÝ JARMARK (CZECH MARKETPLACE), SPORTS and EXPERIENCE ZONES and CHRISTMAS FEAST. An innovation will be the Christmas Gluten-free Market, held on 9 December in HALL 6 under the auspices of the Gluten-free Diet Society



Remember to use the possibility of a timely promotion of your firm on our web site and get registered for participation already during these days. We are looking forward to your participation. Jindra Konečná, Trade Fair Manager.




Heartwarming gifts

Invitation to participation

Dear exhibitors and business friends,

Already in these spring days you can apply for Christmas fairs STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY 2017. The first closing date for discounted lease of the exhibition area will be on May 31, 2017. In addition to the traditional Czech manufacturing companies and companies representing quality branded goods, for the fith time will be presented section of original independent fashion, jewelery and design FASHION ZONE and the exhibition of handicraft production and folk creativity ČESKÝ JARMARK. The food section CHRISTMAS FEAST, one of the great popularity among visitors, will also be prepared. Take advantage of the early promotion of your business on our website already these days. You can find the complete application documentation in the section For Exhibitors. Our team is already available to you, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your participation and original and interesting products.

For the realization team of the fair, Jindra Konečná, manager of the fair.


Questionnaire competition for visitors for valuable gift

Visitors can become juror in several competitions. They can vote for the most beautiful Christmas tree, or in competition between gastronomic schools and horticultural schools on the best decorated Christmas table. For one of the voting visitors there is a valuable gift! Dear visitors  join the competition and win!

Join the project Pomáháme dětem o Vánocích ( Helping Children on Christmas )

Each visitor will be able to participate in the project Help Children on Christmas and bring a gift to children from FOD Klokánek to  their Tree of Wishes.

Where: PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany, Hall 2D, Stand FOD Klokánek at the main stage

When: throughout the fair. Thanks for the gifts, Jindra Konečná, Trade Fair Manager.

We have prepared the largest pre-Christmas trade fair known as CHRISTMAS TRADE FAIR

At the STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY Trade Fair you will be able to choose from more than six thousand gifts of various types. You can look forward to gift goods, toys, fashion, decorations, household appliances or food and beverages. The trade fair will be held from 8 to 11 December 2016 at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany.
More than six thousand gifts from various areas will be prepared.

At the STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY Trade Fair we have prepared thousands of tips for Christmas gifts of all types for you. The trade fair will offer four special zones, namely the FASHION ZONE, CZECH MARKETPLACE, SPORTS AND EXPERIENCE ZONE and CHRISTMAS FEAST. In the FASHION ZONE it will be possible to see presentations of sixty independent stylers and designers, who are to offer there original fashion, jewels and accessories. Within the framework of the CZECH MARKETPLACE, visitors can see fifty art craftsmen and folk creators who are to present their manual production of decorative and useful objects made of ceramics, glass, wood, plants, paper and textiles. Manual production of candles and soaps of untraditional shapes will not be missing either. The CHRISTMAS FEAST zone will offer delicatessen and gourmet specialties with various tasting events. At the STŘÍBRNÉ VÁNOČNÍ DNY Trade Fair you can look forward also to competitions for prizes, such as the competition for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS TREE or for the TABLE SET UP IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY.

We help children during Christmas

The project known as WE HELP CHILDREN DURING CHRISTMAS will introduce three charity projects, namely  ULICE DĚTEM ON TOUR (Street to Children), DEJME ŠANCI DĚTEM (Let’s Give Children a Chance) and Help to FOD KLOKÁNEK (Fund of Endangered Children) within the framework of the accompanying programme of the trade fair. There will be performances of tens of groups, organisations and schools, accompanied by competitions for both visitors and exhibitors. The not-for-profit organisation ULICE DĚTEM (Streets to Children) will have performances focused on the ULICE DĚTEM ON TOUR project with dynamical, dancing, singing as well as sports performances of young artists. Also children from children’s homes will present their art within the framework of the DEJME ŠANCI DĚTEM project. And last but not least, it will be possible to see also children from KLOKÁNEK, to whom you can bring a gift to the trade fair and place it under the TREE OF FULFILLED WISHES.

Dear business partners,

We would like to cordially invite you to the pre-Chistmas selling Christmas fair, taking place on 8-11 December 2016 at the exhibition area PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letňany. Exhibition area is are already from more than 80% filled, so apply in time so as you could have space location according to your wish. The second deadline for the application submitting is 15 Oct 2016, till when you can get exbibition area and your stand for special early-bird discount.

The fair concept is enriched by a section of the Christmas feast gourmet specialties.

Take advantage of early promotion of your company on our website.

See the final report from the last year of the Christmas fair with the fair statistics (steadily growing)  here. You will find complete order forms (application forms) in the FOR EXHIBITOR section of the menu on the left side of the web page.

We are looking for your attendance and for original and inspirational products.

You can contact the foreign relations manager for more information.

VANOCNI DNY - exhibitor



1. See the application form HERE 

2. Fill, sign and stamp the application form and send it to the contact email below

3. You will receive an invoice for a deposit and when the payment is made, you will receive the location.




How do I ship my products to the fair? Is there a storage? 

- for logistics, storages or anything related, please contact : CENTRUMSPED s.r.o., Filip Červený - Forwarders  Mobile: + 420 : 602 501 381, E-mail:


What is included in the price? 

- it is very individual and depends on your orders, for making the exact calculations, please contact the email below.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors? 

-  it will be published on our website, you can find the list of exhibitors from the previous fair in the final report below 


Can I still apply after the deadline? 

- it depends on the availability, but we will do our best to work this out 





Payments are made via bank transfer in CZK or EUR only 


Additional payments upon registration at the fair are made only in cash (we have an ATM right next to it) 

In case of any questions please contact : 


Ilona Junusmetova

Foreign trade manager

M: +420 739 003 158

T:  +420 225 291 185



Date:13-16 December 2018

Venue: PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany


1st registration deadline: 31 May 2018
2nd registration deadline : 15. 10. 2018
Application deadline: 15. 11. 2018
Deadline for orders for stalls and technical services: 15 November 2018

Assembly - installation of expositions:
10. - 12. 12. 2018 / 8.00 - 22.00

Registration of exhibitors:
11. - 12. 12. 2018 / 8.00 - 18.00

Date and time :
13. - 16. 12. 2018 / 10.00 - 18.00

16. 12. 2018 / 18.00 - 24.00
17. 12. 2018 / 8.00 - 10.00



Indoor Area depth: 2 m minimum

Exhibition Area             m2
Prices in CZK/m2 according
to the date of application
row 4 – 14 1300 1500 1600
15 – 49 1100 1300 1500
50 and more 1000 1100 1200
Corner 6 – 14 1500 1700 1800
15 – 49 1300 1500 1700
50 and more 1200 1300 1400
U-shape 40 – 99 1200 1400 1500
100 and more 1000 1200 1300
island 60 – 99 1300 1500 1600
100 and more 1000 1300 1400
Outdoor Exhibition Area 700 800 900
Mandatory items: Registration Fee 2000
Mandatory Insurance 800






Video from Christmas Fair

Bring to mind the magic atmosphere of the previous year  of Christmas Fair

Plan of exhibition area

Final Report 2017